Blessings to you! 


I am Terra Sonora and I have been very blessed to be a channeler of the Interdimensional Realms since 1986. I love working with people who are interested in their personal and spiritual evolution. Like myself, the old souls of the world have a strong life mission and multiple life purposes. On a soul level we have chosen to seek enlightenment and be of service to humanity. We seek a higher ideal and embody the desire to optimize our life experiences.

My lifes purpose is about helping souls to discover the true essence of the Divine that dwells within them. I am a life coach, spiritual counselor, energy healer and Interfaith Minister. I have been given special gifts from God that help me to connect directly to angelic beings and ascended masters. I channel through higher wisdom and the process still amazes me, after 27 years of this work. I love helping people to have those Aha! moments when they suddenly heal a core issue.

When I read your soul, it is always life affirming and validates the inner essence that you know yourself to be.

I am honored to do this work and I openly invite those who need assistance in their spiritual journey to contact me. I know the angels will work through me to awaken and inspire your soul.

Love and blessings to you!

Terra Sonora


 P.S. Here is a video of an Interview Terra Sonora did with filmaker Ken Sheets in Sedona.  


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